About AGM Finance Group (Pty) Ltd

AGM finance group provides a full range of financial services to the commercial and individual market. The business unit offers, home loans, revolving credit loans, vehicle & assets finance and investment accounts. AGM finance was started in 2001 

About AGM Property Holdings (Pty) Ltd

AGM property holdings develops and acquires the group's portfolio, including investments joint ventures with other institutions, as well as creating property syndication with others and also for others. The business unit selects commercial, residential and industrial properties that ranges from R 100000 to R15'000'000, but concentrates more on blocks of flats and residential properties for property syndications where any person can participate (1-50 people). AGM property holdings management also believes that once a syndicates is formed and once the first property in that syndicate is bought we close it and another syndicate gets formed, unless the same people are involved. 

AGM property holding will only look at commercial and industrial property if it is for own use or if the property can be bought at a steal. 


About AGM Insurance (Pty) Ltd

We at AGM Insurance Brokers have a well-rounded group of individuals at all our branches. They hold our name high and are loyal to both client and insurance company respectively. All staff are trained in-house according to our system structures and company procedures. 

All claims and underwriting are handled at Head Office and not at branch level, in order that we have complete control over policies being issued and claims being reported and settled. This allows everything to be monitored by head office which cuts out any incorrect policy issuing or possible fraudulent claims. 

Our staff experience ranges from five years to twenty plus years respectively. All staff interact well with each other and clients are always impressed and appreciate the knowledgeable information they are given by our staff when querying anything. We have had many a compliment from clients regarding the staff in our employ. 

We as AGM are growing at a rapid rate and are looking at opening more branches in the near future. Currently we have branches in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria. We are further looking at opening in Johannesburg, Durban and Bloemfontein. On a high level, we have been researching the viability and possibility of opening branches internationally in Namibia and United Kingdom. We would look at this option towards the end of 2002. 


About AGM Assurance Brokers

AGM Assurance Brokers Ltd is a subsidiary of the AGM Group. We specialize in long term investments, retirement annuities, pension fund management and basically all your long term insurance requirements. 

AGM Assurance Brokers was established when the company started getting too large to work in conjunction with the short term side. The life division broke away from AGM Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd and formed a company on its own which has been running for several years now independently from AGM Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd. 

AGM Assurance still work hand in hand with the short term division except that they run completely independently. 

We have highly qualified and informed staff and our consultants are there to provide you with the best advice for your future, therefore, we take our client meetings very seriously and assess exactly what the best investments will be for your needs in the future. 


AGM services


AGM Mapsure Risk Management Consultants (Pty) Ltd is a Brokerage specializing in Domestic and Commercial insurances, this is our core business currently and also the largest of the group. We have branches nationwide and are continually growing and expanding.


AGM Mapsure Financial Consultants (Pty) Ltd is our Life Insurance division. They concentrate solely on life insurances, retirement annuities, pensions, endowments, etc. They operate separately from the Insurance Company, however, they do support each other with business wherever possible.


 AGM Property Services (Pty) Ltd is our property division and specializes in property management. Currently, although they are registered estate agents, they only concentrate on property management and not sales. They might move into that direction in the future.


AGM Property Holdings (Pty) Ltd generally takes care of and runs all company owned properties and specializes in forming of syndications for large corporate property purchases.